Latest HEC-Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023| For Pakistani Students (Fully Funded)


This post is specially for students who want to study bachelor in Europe through scholarship. Master’s and doctoral scholarships are also available in this Stipendium Hungaricum.


1) For Bachelors and One Tier Masters:
For Bachelor: High School Certificate (12 years of education)
For Masters: 16 years of study
For Doctorate: 17/18 years of study

2) Certificate of Proficiency in English (from your previous institute stating that the medium of instruction of your previous study program was in English and you are eligible to study in English. IELTS/TOEFL is not required).

3) Statement of Purpose/Letter of Motion (SOP)

You must answer these questions in your SOP.

  • Why is this particular field chosen?
  • Why has this particular university been chosen?
  • Why has Hungary been chosen?
  • Why not Pakistan (Do not keep negativity in your mind while writing why not Pakistan).
  • Your future plan (Make sure to include in your future plan that you will come back to Pakistan after graduation. BTW it is up to you whether you want to come back or not 😃 but you should include it in your future plan. must be corrected)
  • Why are you a suitable candidate?

4) Medical certificate
You can upload a statement stating that you will provide the medical certificate before April and just sign it with the date. And check after your final selection by HEC and upload it as soon as possible.

5) Reference letter
Bachelor’s applicants do not need to provide any reference letters but Master’s and Doctoral applicants are required to upload two reference letters from your previous professors at two different universities.

Age Criteria:

For Bachelors: 18-22 years
For Masters/One Tier Masters and Doctorate: 35 years. If you are a job holder, this limit can be extended up to 40 years only in special cases.

Application Time:

1) Temps Public Portal (TPF)
Every year the application opens between 15th November to 16th January (up to 4 am i.e. you can upload the application till 4 am on 16th January).

2) HEC Portal
Most of the time frame is same as TPF but sometimes HEC may change the time frame for approving the application. So keep following HEC announcement from 15th November 2022.
HEC Announcement Link:

How to Apply:

You have to apply separately on TPF portals and HEC portals.

TPF Portal:

HEC Portal:

Note: After registering and filling your profile, please select “Academic and Research Linkages” under “Scholarships and Grants” menu in the left side panel of the online portal. While submitting online application on HEC website, attach scanned copy of deposit slip of Rs.1000/- to HEC Online Account No. 174279001334.

Selection Criteria:

HEC will conduct the test in several cities likely in the last week of January or the first week of February.

A (HAT Test) Exam:
Applicants for Bachelor/One Tier Master must appear in any of the following examinations.

I)HAT-UG-M (For Pre-Medical Students),
II) HAT-UG-E (For Pre-Engineering Students)
III) HAT-UG-GS (for Arts/General Science students)
III) HAT-UG-CS (For ICS Students)
IV) HAT-UG-ICOM (For ICOM Students)

General information:

  • Total Score: 100
  • Total time: 120 minutes
  • Question Breakdown:
  • Physical = 20
  • Maths/Bio=40
  • Cam/CS=20
  • English = 20

Your HAT group exam will consist of your three elective subjects (ie pre-engineering electives Maths, Physics and Chem) and English and HAT-UG-General may include General/Basic Maths, General Knowledge, Logic questions and English. are

For English you need to focus on Synonym, Antonym, tenses, prepositions, conditional sentences and other grammar etc.

After your examination HEC will calculate the merit as per given formula:

50×(Your Scores in HAT/100)+50×(Your Scores in Previous Degree/Total Scores of Your Previous Degree)

It simply means that 50% weightage is for HAT exam and 50% is for your previous degree score. So getting good marks in HAT along with your previous degree is very important.

Financial coverage and benefits:

1) Exemption from payment of tuition fees
2) Monthly Grant:
Bachelor and Master Scholarships: HUF 43,700/month
Note: In the first year of their studies, non-doctoral students are required to attend the “Hungarian as a Foreign Language” course offered by the host university and pass the exam at the end of the second semester (except for scholarship holders (Learning in Hungarian). Scholarship holders who do not attend the course will not be able to receive the monthly stipend. For students who take the course but fail to pass the exam, the monthly grant will be reduced to HUF 30,000/month.

3) Accommodation: Hostel space or contribution of HUF 40,000/month towards accommodation expenses for the entire duration of the scholarship.
4) Medical insurance
5) Tickets
HEC will refund the ticket expenses 2-4 months after your departure but initially you have to book the ticket yourself.

  • Number of Seats: 400
  • The total number of seats during 2016-22 was 200 and now it has been increased to 400. 100 for Bachelors, 25 for Medicine (MBBS), General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy as per back seat distribution. 50 for Masters and 25 for Ph.D. Allotment formula for enhanced seats is not available yet.

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HEC-Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023

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